Over 100 Landlord Tenant Legal Forms Available Including: Rental Applications, Lease Agreements, 
Addendum’s, Tenant Letters, Collection Notices and More Inside the Members Area.

Now You Can Manage Your Tenants and Maximize
Your Property’s Value Easier Than Ever With…

The Do-It-Yourself Legal Forms Library For Landlords

Here are just a few of the benefits…

 Manage Your Rentals Like a Professional
 Includes Eleven Management Categories
 Everything From Move In to Move Out
 Avoid Dead Beat Rental Applicants
 Create Air Tight Lease Agreements
 Get Tenants to Pay Rent On Time
 Reduce Apartment Turnover Costs
 Comply with Federal Fair Housing Laws
 Customizable Microsoft Word Documents
 Easy Tab Thru, Fill in the Blank Forms
 Forms Cover Key Laws in All 50 States
 Download Instantly & Start Using Today

From the Desk of Giacomo Sinisgalli

Dear Fellow Landlords, 

Over the past twenty-three years I have helped thousands of landlords just like you to buy, sell and manage well over $100 million dollars worth of income producing real estate.

During that time I developed the Do-It-Yourself Legal Forms Library for Landlords and I used the forms to help me manage and lease more than 2,500 rental properties more effectively.

Now you can put my twenty-three years of property management experience to work for you by using the Do-It-Yourself Legal Forms Library for Landlords to help you manage your rental property more effectively, minimize your liability as a landlord and maximize your property’s profit potential, once and for all.

You’ll also learn how to control and even eliminate many of the problems that can occur when dealing with rental property saving you time, money and aggravation in the process.

Unlike generic boiler plate forms found at your local office supply store, my forms were developed and reviewed by real estate attorneys and are used by professional property management companies. In addition, they are the same forms that I use to manage my own rental properties.

Ask any experienced property manager or successful landlord and they will tell you that having the right form, letter or notice is the number one factor to help eliminate and prevent many of the headaches and hassles associated with being a landlord.

I guarantee that my Do-It-Yourself Legal Forms Library for Landlords will help you to avoid many of the mistakes and disastrous situations to which you are vulnerable and as a result, put more profits in your pocket.

Here’s Whats Inside The Do-It-Yourself Legal
Forms Library for Landlords Members Area

The library contains every form and letter you’ll ever need to maximize your rental income, attract and screen new tenants, evict trouble makers, comply with federal fair housing laws, create air tight leases and much more.

Listed below is the complete library of landlord legal forms, letters and notices divided into eleven different management categories to help you quickly select the right form for any situation. 


 Prospect Contact Information Form

 Property Viewing & Keys Agreement

 Rental Application Form

 Procedures for Securing an Apartment

 Deposit Receipt & Agreement

 Rental Inquiry Verification Form

 Credit Check & Screening Receipt

 Rental History Verification Form

 Employment Verification Form

 Rental Application Rejection Letter

 Approval of Rental Application

 Application Acceptance Letter


 Move-In Checklist

 Residential Lease Agreement (Fixed Term)

 Rental Agreement (Month to Month)

 Lead-Based Paint Disclosure

 Lead Hazard Information Pamphlet

 Fact Sheet: Disclosure of Lead-Based Paint Hazards in Housing

 National Lead Information Center: General Information

 Certification of Taxpayer Identification Number for Security Deposits

 Vehicle Registration Form

 Resident Information Sheet

 Orientation Checklist

 Move-In/Move Out Report


 Co-Signer Agreement

 Roommate Agreement

 Pet Policy

 Pet Agreement

 Waterbed Agreement

 Acknowledgement of Sublet

 Transfer Policy

 Transfer Clause Addendum


  Complaint about Tenant’s Breach of Rules

  Notice to Perform Covenant

  Letter to Tenant Regarding Problem

  Failure to Maintain Exterior or Lawn

  Tenant Complaint-Action Taken

  Tenant Complaint-Forward for Action

  Tenant Complaint-No Action Taken

  Notice of Intention to Enter

  Notice to Tenant of Landlord Entry

  Review of Insurance Policy

  Safety Letter 


 Noise Disturbance Warning

 Disruptive Guest Warning

 Warning to Parents to Control Children

 Warning for Suspected Drug Activity

 Warning for Unauthorized Roommates

 Removal of Debris in Hallways

 Warning to Remove Unauthorized Pets 


 Monthly Rental Invoice 

 Rental Receipt  

 Rent Roll Form

 Forgotten Rent Letter

 Notice of Bounced Check Letter

 Bad Check Letter

 Late Payment Charge Letter

 Late Payment-Waiver of Late Charge Letter

 Pay-Out Agreement

 Notice Requiring Payment of Rent or Possession of Premises

 Eviction Notice to Pay Rent or Quit


 Rent Increase & Renewal Letter

 Lease Expiration Letter

 Lease Extension Form

 Notice of Automatic Lease Renewal

 Lease Expiration Notice-New Lease

 Rent Increase Letter No. 1

 Rent Increase Letter No. 2 


 Apartment Maintenance Service Checklist

 Apartment Cleaning Checklist

 Apartment Painting Affidavit

 Emergency Maintenance Procedures

 Work Order Request Form

 Confirmation of Contractor Work Order

 Notice of Work on Premises

 Repair Request to Owner – Authorization Required 


 Move-Out Procedures

 Notice of Intention to Vacate

 Acknowledgement of Tenant’s Notice to Vacate

 Move Out Letter

 Exit Interview Form

 Wear & Tear Information Sheet

 Notice of Damage on Vacating Premises

 Agreement to Vacate

 Tenant Vacated in Violation of Lease

 Tenant Notice of Leaving in Violation of Lease

 Moved but Liable Letter

 Notice to Vacate

 Notice to Terminate Tenancy 


 Accident Report

 Resident Safety Tips

 Fire Prevention Tips

 Crime Awareness & Resident Safety Tips

 Safety Tips for the Fourth of July

 Safety Tips for Halloween

 Safety Tips for Christmas 


 Rent Roll Form

 Buyer’s Property Inspection Report

 Landlord Site Visit Form

 Notice of New Owner Change Over

 Property Management Agreement

 Employment Application

 New Property Purchase Existing Tenant Information

 Sub-Contractor: Tax & Insurance Information Request


 Property Cash Flow Analysis Form

 Online Course: Property Cash Flow Analysis

 Free Report: How to Screen Tenants Like a Pro

 Free Landlord Tips, News and Articles

 Top Secret Bonus

Developed by Professional Property Managers and
Used by Successful Landlords Nationwide

The Do-It-Yourself Legal Forms Library for Landlords was developed by a team of professional property managers and is used by successful landlords nationwide to manage their rental properties more effectively.

Unlike generic boiler plate legal forms found at office supply stores, my professionally designed landlord forms can be completely customized to meet your every need.

There’s no waiting for your forms to arrive in the mail because as soon as you make your purchase, a link to access the members area where you can download and print the forms is e-mailed to you instantly, so you can start using them right away. 

The forms are designed in Microsoft Word and are very easy to use. Simply select a form, tab thru the form fields, fill in the blanks with the tenants name or other pertinent information, then print. Its that easy!

Here’s a Brief Description of Just a Few of The Forms Included in The Landlord Forms Library

Move in Checklist: A checklist of crucial to-do items, and forms that need to be completed and signed prior to moving a new tenant in. 

Move In – Move Out Condition Checklist: Verifies the condition of apartment before the tenant moves in and then again upon move out. Eliminates any and all disputes over who gets to keep the security deposit.

Iron Clad 10 Page Lease Agreement: Whether you are leasing a single family home or a multi-unit apartment building, our lease contains 50+ high power clauses that leave nothing to chance when it comes to protecting your rights and property while minimizing your liability as a landlord in a simple, EASY TO READ format.

Addendum’s to the Lease Agreement: Includes Pet Agreement, Water Bed Agreement, Co-signer Agreement, Sub-let Agreement, Satellite Dish Addendum, Cable or TV Antenna Addendum, Roommate Addendum, Employment Transfer Addendum and many more!

The Question and Answer Sheet: Answers some of the most common questions that come up: What should I do if a pipe breaks? What should I do if my toilet overflows? Who is responsible for snow shoveling? What should I do if my furnace stops working? Etc.

Maintenance Requirement of Resident: Informs residents of required maintenance items that are their responsibility. (Example: Change or clean furnace filters every month, check smoke detectors annually. Etc.)

Resident Rules and Regulations Letter: Used when your unit has an association with rules and regulations, or to create your own rules and regulations.

Emergency Procedures Form: Clarifies the difference between an emergency and a non-emergency, explains when the tenant should call and when not to call. (Example: A broken water pipe is considered an emergency; a dripping faucet is a non-emergency. Etc.)

Past Due Rent or Pay Out Agreement: A promissory note whereby the tenant agrees to pay back rent in a pre-determined manner until he or she is paid in full or up-to-date.

Notice to Pay or Quit “Eviction Notice”: Also known as a “3 Day Notice”. This legal notice informs resident that you are about to initiate an eviction procedure against them and that they will have to pay the delinquent rent within 3 days or vacate the premises (move out).

Lead Based Paint Disclosure Kit: The Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Kit contains all the forms required for landlords to be in compliance with the Lead Based Paint Disclosure Law when engaged in the rental of residential dwellings. If the rental unit was constructed prior to 1978, these forms are required to be completed and signed by the tenant and landlord. If in doubt about the timing of construction, always use the disclosure.

More Than Just Landlord Forms It’s Like Having a Virtual Property Management Office and Assistant

Here are just a few reasons why you should use the Do-It-Yourself Legal Forms Library for Landlords…

 Lets Your Tenants Know that You are a Professional Landlord

 Answers All of Tenant “What If?” Questions Before they Ask!

 Get Tenants to Help Maintain Your Property!

 Get Tenants to Keep Hallways Clean and Clutter Free!

 Get Tenants to Pay Rent On Time Every Month!

 Stop the Calls in the Middle of the Night!

 Make Tenant Turnover Smooth and Hassle Free!

 Use a Checklist System so that You Don’t Miss Anything!

 Get Tenants to Leave their Apartment Spotless upon Move Out!

 Let Your Tenants Know what You Expect From Them!

 Analyze Your Property’s Income and Expenses!

 Screen and Choose the Cream of the Crop Tenants!

 Reduce and Eliminate Headaches Before they Begin!

 Reduce Turnover and Keep Tenants Happy!

 Keep in Compliance with Federal Fair Housing Laws!

 Makes Your Job as a Landlord Much Easier!

 And Plenty More…. 



Wait…There’s More!

The response to my Do-It-Yourself Legal Forms Library for Landlords has been so successful that I am including Five Free Super Bonuses to show my appreciation! These Amazing Bonuses are Priceless because they are going to show you how to decrease your properties operating expenses and increase your properties income and value. They are also going to show you how to make your job as a landlord a whole lot easier, guaranteed!

  Property Cash Flow Analysis Form

You can’t manage a rental property effectively if you don’t have an accurate picture of the property’s income and expenses. No problem! You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or mathematician to calculate all the different components of a property’s true value when using my Property Cash Flow Analysis Form.

This simple form will help you to master the financial calculations needed to increase income, decrease expenses, quickly spot deals and become more confident when it comes to analyzing a property’s true value.

A cash flow analysis is a must for landlords and real estate investors who want to make sound decisions based on accurate calculations of Property Cash Flow; Cash-on-Cash Return; Net Operating Income; Capitalization Rate; Gross Rent Multiplier; Gross Potential Rental Income; Actual Operating Expenses; Funded Reserves; Capital Improvements and many more.

  Online Course: “Property Cash Flow Analysis”

Every landlord needs to know how to calculate cash flow, expenses, net operating income, and a few other basic financial formulas. 

This course will explain step-by-step how to use the Property Cash Flow Analysis Form. It is your guide to the most essential calculations that answer such crucial questions as “What is my building really worth today?” “What kind of cash flow can I expect?” “Is this property a good investment?” “How do I calculate future profit?” and many more.

Your success as a landlord or real estate investor depends on your ability to know which calculations you must use to correctly analyze a property before you purchase it, while you own it and before you sell it.

After completing this online course, you will know how to quickly and accurately analyze any size rental property in 20 minutes or less.

  Free Report: How to Screen Tenants Like a Pro

A landlord should never rely on gut instincts when it comes to selecting the perfect tenant to fill their vacancy. Countless landlords lose thousands of dollars everyday entering into lease agreements with people they know little about.

Property damage, legal entanglements and lost revenue are the result. These costly mistakes can be easily avoided or eliminated altogether with the use of proper tenant screening procedures. 

How to Screen Tenants Like a Pro is an in-depth 17 page report written to assist landlords on how to make calculated decisions for selecting the best rental applicant.

Read this report and discover how to screen your tenants using the same secret resources as a private investigator!

  Landlord Tour Video Widget

YouTube For rent

Online video is one of the hottest ways for landlords to show their vacant apartments 24/7. Now thanks to YouTube, video has become easier than ever to create and publish to the Internet. In fact, thousands of successful landlords have already discovered that virtual tour videos are the easiest way to rent their vacant apartments. Video also saves landlords time when it comes to no show appointments and tire kickers.

So what exactly is a landlord tour video? A landlord tour video is nothing more than a landlord recording a video walkthrough of their vacant apartment and uploading it to the Internet. Now LandlordForms.com has made it even easier for landlords to share their landlord tour videos with potential renters with our exclusive Landlord Tour Video Widget, and it’s available now in the member’s area.

  Landlord Tips, News and Advice

The Do-It-Yourself Legal Forms Library for Landlords and FREE Bonuses are well worth the cost, but I love to over deliver and I want to provide a tremendous value to my members. So I produced a live call-in radio talk show called Landlord Talk Radio and use it to provide tips, news and advice for landlords as part their membership.

Join me, Giacomo Sinisgalli your host on a live call-in radio talk show for monthly hangouts, interviews with experts and group coaching calls. Members are invited to ask questions, exchange ideas, and to participate in the discussion. There’s also an interactive chat room available for you to meet and chat with other members. It’s entertaining and educational!

Just One More Thing…

Some Advice From Your Uncle Sam

“The cost of the Do-It-Yourself Legal Forms Library For Landlords
is a legitimate business expense and fully tax deductible. Speak
with your accountant or tax advisor for specific details!”



With my No Risk, 30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee you have absolutely nothing to lose by ordering. My only question to you now is…

Are You Ready To Start Managing Your Rental
Like a Professional Property Manager?


If you own or manage rental property, you really can’t afford not to purchase the Do-It-Yourself Legal Forms Library for Landlords. Take charge of your real estate investments and start managing your rental property like a professional today! Why wait? Take action and order right now!


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Keep in mind that the forms come in Microsoft Word format, and a link to access the members area so that you can download and print the forms will be e-mailed to you instantly so you can start using the forms right away.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information and I wish you much success!




Giacomo Sinisgalli
Founder, LandlordForms.com

P.S. Remember, I guarantee that after using my forms for 30 days, you will agree that they will help you to manage your rental property more effectively, save you time, decrease your expenses and increase your profits; otherwise, you can request a 100% refund. You have absolutely nothing to lose by ordering The Do-It-Yourself Legal Forms Library for Landlords!



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